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Tutors: Tutorial & Contract

1. Go to and enter the login credentials provided by the library.

2. Next you will land on the homepage where you will see the image associated with your account. We ask you to please refrain from making any changes outside what we outline in this tutorial. A template has been set up for you and if you would like to make any changes to your profile please contact your peer tutor supervisor Caitlin Hartnett.

3. Select LibCal from the blue dropdown box or under the admin interface.

4. You are now on your LibCal homepage. Once students have started booking appointments with you, a list of upcoming appointments will be listed here. Click “My Scheduler”.

5. This screen will provide you with a “week at a glance” view of your appointments. The calendar is blue right now because your availability hasn’t yet been set up. As students book with you, the boxes will turn green showing available time slots.Click “Set Up My Availability Times”.

6. The system will allow you to book up to 4 months of availability. Tutees can only book one month in advance. Click on the “Repeated” button so you can enter multiple days at once. Now you have a couple of options of how you want to enter your schedule.

  • Click the “Daily” button if you have the same availability every day.

  • Click the “Weekly” button if you have the same hours available on multiple days.For example if you have 8 am to 10 am available on both Tuesday and Thursday you could select both days of the week at once. If you also have Wednesdays available from 3pm to 5pm, you will need to enter in that day separately.

7. Once you have added your availability, the blocks in the calendar turn green and are ready to be booked by students.

8. The squares turn red when you have an appointment booked at that time. To get more information about the appointment you can either hover over the square or click it to get details about the tutee, the course they need assistance with, and the particulars about the help they need.

If you need to either remove a single block of time from your availability or cancel or edit an appointment, you can click the time slot square within the calendar and then make your changes.  If you are editing or deleting an appointment, an email will go to the tutee letting them know the appointment has been changed.

9. If you need to remove a block of time from your availability (for example if you go on vacation), click “Set up My Availability Times” and then click “Bulk Delete Availability Times”.

10. The system also allows you to go back into past appointments and add an internal note. You may want to use this feature to record if someone did not show up for their appointment or to remind yourself of any pertinent information relating to the appointment.




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