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Faculty: Request Library Instruction

Accessing the Library Research Tutorial

The new, modular tutorial takes the student through the research process and helps them understand what information resources are available to them and then how to evaluate and use them appropriately. It also includes information on database searching, scholarship, citation, and evaluation. Each of the modules includes learning materials, glossaries, videos and an interactive quiz.

There is also a final assessment quiz at the end that can be emailed to the student, or to the faculty member.

To embed this tutorial into your model classroom, use the following link:

Request Library Instruction

The Library offers Faculty a couple of options for library instruction. Library staff have created videos featuring searching and database selection tips and techniques, critical evaluation of resources, and citation assistance.These videos can be added as links in your Blackboard course. Additionally, a library staff member is available, via BlueJeans, to attend your class and demonstrate searches for resources, allowing time for students to ask questions and clarify assignment and research requirements. The librarian will work with you to tailor this instruction session to meet your instructional content needs. Please contact the library to discuss library instruction or you can book a session.

When to schedule:

Library staff provide instruction sessions throughout the semester and are booked on a first come, first served basis. Please note that because of the volume of requests received and the time needed to tailor the instruction content, no instruction sessions will be scheduled during the first week of the semester. The sessions are most effective when they coincide with class projects and when students have been made aware of assignment requirements and research topics.

Instructor’s role:

  • Updating your course syllabus to include the library instruction session in your course schedule.
  • Posting an announcement about the session expressing your expectations of the value of the session to your students, identifying the skills and information that they will gain from it, and introducing the library staff member by name.
  • Requiring an active learning exercise and, if possible, assigning grade points (e.g., as part of the participation or project grade) to reinforce what is being learned. This exercise can be a partnership with the library staff member providing the exercise and forwarding you the grades.

What is covered in a library orientation:

General Orientations can include:

  • library tours
  • an overview of the services available at the Library & Learning Commons
  • ordering items from other libraries
  • accessing the library’s resources off-campus

Customized Library Instruction sessions can include:

  • assignment-based introduction to the library’s printed and electronic resources
  • developing effective searches for research topics
  • ordering items from other libraries
  • accessing the library’s resources off-campus
  • citation construction
  • self-directed research exploration

Why A Subject Guide?

Library & Learning Commons staff member are available to work with instructors to create an online subject guide, accessible through the Library & Learning Commons website, that provides relevant information to your students to support the research component of your class. These guides will provide students with tips and applicable search strategy keywords, online resources, citation assistance, databases; all in one location. It can be stressful and time consuming for students to conduct research without the appropriate strategies - the subject guides can relieve them of some of that stress. If the students have any research questions they are always welcome to contact the Library & Learning Commons or to make an appointment for a research appointment. If you are interested in having a research guide created for your class or for a specific assignment, please contact Lynette Gallant.

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