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Writing Support: FREE Online Resources to Improve Your English

Speaking & Pronunciation

Listen to Jack Askey from as he explains the Listen - Repeat - Record - Compare (LRRC) technique. LRRC is a very effective technique you can use to improve your spoken English using audio recordings that you find online: A Simple Method to Improve Your English Speaking Skills, Grammar, & Vocabulary (DO THIS!)

Use the LRRC technique with any of the listening / audio resources below. This is a great way for you to improve your speaking and pronunciation on your own. 


Listening / Audio Resources

English Central

10,000 short, interesting videos ◆ instant pronunciation feedback ◆  headset required to use recording software. 

EnglishCentral is a paid site, but you can get one free lesson. You can also 'like' EnglishCentral on Facebook to get one free lesson emailed to you every day. The free daily lesson does not include the lesson with a tutor (which requires a paid subscription). 

Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab

Interesting, original dialogues ◆  3 levels of difficulty 

English Listening Lesson Library Online

Over 2,500 audio & video recordings of people answering questions of discussing different topics ◆  6 levels of difficulty.

Dave's ESL Cafe

Speakers answer different questions or have conversation about different topics.


Short, interesting talks by remarkable people on a variety of topics. All of these talks come with transcripts. 

Video Jug

Video tutorials on how to do a range of activities. Another good idea is to search for "how it's made" videos. 


English Page


Learning English Feel Good

Perfect English Grammar

English Club

English Grammar Secrets

Grammar Quizzes

Using English

ESL Cafe Quizzes

Grammar Commnet

To find more sites, just go to the Google search engine and type in these key words: 

ESL English interactive grammar practice exercises