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Elder College

Fun & Games

There are lots of opportunities online to give your brain a workout via brain games. None of these sites require you to download an app.

AARP gamesundefined

The AARP site (American Association of Retired Persons) has many free game, including a daily crossword puzzle.


This site has 15,000 brain teasers, trivia, riddles, games and more, all submitted and ranked by users. You can also create your own games!

Lizard Point

The interactive map quizzes on this site are fun to do with family members. Check out quizzes on flags, world leaders and art.


A well-established brain-training site backed by science. You can sign up for a free account, or subscribe for more options.


This site has free memory games, including the classic card game of concentration, here called the Memory Match game.


This unique site has personality tests and surveys, along with mind-stretchers, trivia quizzes and life tips. Get a free account to save scores, and for a fee get more detailed results and reports.

Web Soduko

A number-placement game that is touted as good for short-term memory. Choose your level of game at this site.


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