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ENG 115, Johnston Fall 2020: Keyword Searching



Explore the tabs below to find recommended keywords/search terms for the topics listed below. 



Example: How do multilingual speakers use social media to identify as a member of their community?


  • Social networks or social media
  • Multilingualism OR bilingualism
  • Language
  • Identity or culture

"social media" OR "social networking sites" OR facebook OR twitter OR instagram OR snapchat

"social media" AND health

"social media" AND journalism

"social media" AND community

"social media" AND "fake news"

"social media" AND "social justice"

"social media" AND "fake news"

"call-out culture" OR "cancel culture"


"criminal justice system" OR "law enforcement" OR police OR policing

"criminal justice system" AND Canada AND discrimination

"criminal justice system" AND Canada AND racism

"criminal justice system" AND Canada AND sexism

"criminal justice system" AND Canada AND prejudice

"criminal justice system" AND Canada AND reform

"alternatives to incarceration" AND Canada


"climate change" OR "global warming" OR "climate crisis" AND mitigation

"climate change" AND "sea levels"

"climate change" and costs 

"climate change" AND ("economic impact" OR economy)

"climate change" AND environment

"climate change" AND "wildlife conservation"

"climate change" AND wildfires

wildfire AND wildlife  AND (management OR conservation")

"Paris agreement" AND "climate change"



"leadership styles" OR "leadership characteristics"

leadership theories

leadership in _________ (eg. business, healthcare, nursing, education)

leadership AND culture

leadership AND management




Visit the NIC library's Truth & Reconciliation guide for in-depth information and library resources.

"truth and reconciliation" AND Canada

truth and reconciliation commission

"truth and reconciliation" OR "residential schools"

"residential schools" AND Canada

"residential schools" AND British Columbia

"residential schools" AND "impact on First Nations"

"residential schools" (impact OR effects)

"residential school" AND survivors

"residential school" AND trauma

"residential school system"

"residential schools" and addiction

"residential schools" and education


"mental health" AND services AND Canada

"mental health" AND approaches AND Canada

"public health" AND Canada AND communications

"cultural safety" OR "cultural humility" AND (health services OR healthcare) AND Canada 

"opioid crisis" OR "opioid epidemic" AND prevention 


crisis OR disaster OR emergency OR epidemic OR pandemic OR threat

"crisis management" OR "crisis response" OR "emergency management" OR "emergency response" OR "emergency preparedness"

("natural disasters" OR crisis) AND (response OR aid OR management) AND government

(crisis OR disaster) AND (media OR communications) 

"natural disasters" AND "community response"

"relief services" AND crisis OR disaster OR emergency



  • Consider combination of 2 or more search terms using Boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT). 
  • Use quotation marks to perform phrase searching, for example: "workplace harassment" 
  • Using a * will broaden your search. For example, searching for harass* will return results for harass, harassed and harassment.
  • To see what the library has available in full-text, select undefined underneath the search bar or to the left of your search results, depending on which database you are searching in.
  • Try using the advanced search option in Google, and remember these tips