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Search for articles using the database suggestion links below. 


  • To see what the library has available in full-text, select undefined underneath the search bar or to the left of your search results, depending on which database you are searching in.

Database Suggestions

Try using the search terms listed to get started.


  • Consider using a combination of 2 or more search terms. 
  • Connect search terms with AND, OR, and NOT to broaden or limit search results.
  • Using a * will broaden your search. For example, searching for vulnerab* will return results for vulnerable and vulnerability.

Search Term Suggestions



  • COVID-19
  • coronavirus
  • epidemics
  • pandemics
  • quarantine
  • Canada
  • mental health
  • global health
  • viral disorders
  • public health
  • social distancing


  • lonely OR loneliness
  • quality of life
  • vulnerable OR vulnerability
  • seniors
  • social isolation
  • peer relationships
  • student attitudes

Access to clean water:

  • water quality
  • waterborne infection
  • Canada
  • water supply
  • drinking water
  • water pollution
  • Indigenous OR Aboriginal OR First Nations
  • water insecurity
  • boil water advisory
  • water treatment


  • income distribution
  • income
  • poverty rate
  • literacy
  • low income
  • homelessness
  • substance abuse
  • mental health
  • poverty reduction
  • political participation
  • community involvement

Energy Alternatives:

  • renewable energy
  • renewable resources
  • green energy
  • solar energy OR solar power OR solar panels
  • tidal energy
  • tidal power
  • wind energy OR wind power
  • wind turbines
  • pollution OR emissions
  • environmental impact
  • efficiency 
  • development
  • cost







Search for videos using the database suggestion links below. 

Streaming Video Databases




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