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Take advantage of NIC's peer tutoring services available free for all credit students at the Campbell River, Comox Valley, Port Alberni and Mixalakwila (Port Hardy) campuses. Each student comes to the peer tutoring service with their own learning needs. We'll help you figure out your needs and develop a personalized tutoring plan. What you'll learn is up to you. 

Students Helping Students

Peer tutors are available in various subjects and skills, including math, business, chemistry, statistics, study skills, writing and more. If you need peer tutoring for specific courses, we'll do our best to find a match, depending on tutor availability in your region and subject area.

Note: Students are allowed 1 hour of tutoring per course per week.

If you are unable to find a tutor that matches your schedule please contact Erin McConomy at

Book A Peer Tutor Now

Look for the  symbol. It will provide you with the tutor's subject specialties.

Locations where tutors are available are listed beside the tutors' names. CV=Comox Valley, CR=Campbell River, PA=Port Alberni

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Print and fill out this form and email to

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