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Epson BrightLink Interactive Projector: Introduction to BrightLink

Introduction to Brightlink

The Epson BrightLink Projector is now available at the North Island College Library! This state-of-the-art interactive equipment will take your researching and presenting to another level while increasing the productivity of your group meetings.

The BrightLink Interactive Projector lets you:

·         present your work

·         annotate it

·         save it

·         print it or email it

BrightLink offers the convenience of a whiteboard’s large working space with the added bonus of limiting the time spent capturing the information; just save your work and then either print or email it.

BrightLink is simple to use - just turn it on and start writing.

How it Works

The EPSON BrightLink Interactive Projector means no more having to write with dried out pens or having sore arms from constantly erasing. Now you can book either the Einstein or the Currie group-study rooms, each equipped with the BrightLink Interactive Projector and a library computer, at which point you turn it on and use either the computer keyboard, the remote or use one of the two EPSON “pens” to interact with the projector. You can highlight, spotlight, shade, add shapes and change the background all with the simple touch of a pen.

Plus, two pens mean that two people can work simultaneously with the board!

Easily access and add different types of media files from a USB drive, laptop or mobile device; all the while annotating and capturing as you create new pages. When you run out of room simply add a new page.

Please view the Easy Interactive Tools Overview video to the right. Also check out the tabs at the top of this guide for addtional features.

Information and images in this guide adapted from EPSON.