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Statistics: Streaming Video

Streaming Video

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Why You Should Love Statistics


Evaluating Statistical Claims

This clip investigates statistical data and data displays used in the advertising of a new gym. Follow along to find the inconsistencies in the statistics, graphs, and pie charts and discover more about how the media can sometimes manipulate statistics and displays to support their claims.

Statistics with Naomi Lowe

15 video lectures including branches of statistics, Z-scores, hypothesis testing and so on.

What is Statistics?

Statistics is the art and science of gathering, organizing, analyzing and drawing conclusions from data. Without rudimentary knowledge of how it works, people are ill-equipped to make informed judgments and evaluations of a wide variety of things encountered in daily life

Statistics and Data Analysis. Part 1

In this Discovering Math video, viewers will consider methods of displaying data, measures of central tendency, measures of variability, correlation, and line-fitting methods. Topics include: tables, bar graphs, histograms, scatter plots, line graphs, mean-mode-median, standard deviation, curve fitting line, median-fit line, and least-squares regression line.

Behind the Statistics

Statistical data is rightly seen as a central feature of much psychological research, but students need to understand the important methodological processes underpinning the production of such data. In this film, we go Behind the Statistics to look at the various factors from sampling techniques, through ideas about correlation and causation to experimental design that can influence the reliability and validity of statistical data.

The Stats of Life

Through census data, surveys and studies, we now know more about ourselves than ever before. But what’s the story behind the stats? In our diverse modern world, is there still such a thing as "average?" The Stats of Life is a light-hearted series that layers graphics of statistics over the compelling stories of real people. We explore how households across the country compare to one another while allowing the viewer to discover where they themselves fit into the bigger picture. Each fascinating episode focuses on one important aspect of our lives to reveal both our similarities and our differences.‚Äč

TEDTalks : Mona Chalabi-3 Ways To Spot A Bad Statistic

Sometimes it's hard to know what statistics are worthy of trust. But we shouldn't count out stats altogether ... instead, we should learn to look behind them. In this delightful, hilarious talk, data journalist Mona Chalabi shares handy tips to help question, interpret and truly understand what the numbers are saying.