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LNAP: Event: Contests

Contest Instructions

Finishing assignment AND prizes!?! Yes please.

Read below for all the different ways you can win gift cards to a different local stores.

Winners will be announced on Instagram and Twitter the following morning, November 27.

Follow us on Instagram  and Twitter  to see the winners and claim your prize! 

You Showed Up!


Thanks for joining us!  


We're entering you into our door prize draw.

Just for showing up!

Cutest Pet



OK, you caught us.

There's no way we could choose who's pet is the cutest, so this will be a random draw. 


Snap a photo of your furry friend, and tag on us Instagram @NIC_LLC to be entered to win! 


Best Lounge Wear


Get comfy ... we're in for a long night! 


Show us your cozy study attire by tagging us on Instagram @NIC_LLC to be entered to win. 

Best Study Snack


Snack break!

Show us your BEST study snack to be entered to win. 

We're talking home made, secret recipe, best-you've-ever-had study snacks. 

Tag us on Instagram @NIC_LLC to be entered to win!

Click here for some serious snack inspo.


Goal Reached


Show up and state your goal. 


Check in to let us know our progress.


Meet your goal by 11pm to be entered to win! 

Best Virtual Background



Join your session with a creative virtual background, and be automatically entered to win! 

Watch the video for instructions on adding a virtual background. 

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