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Julia Peters

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Julia Peters
Julia has had many different jobs in her life from retail salesperson to personal trainer, college director to educational-program designer, ESL instructor and government regulator. She has also travelled a lot, taking trips to Africa and Egypt, and while living in Taiwan seeing much of South-east Asia. Studying has also been a big part of her life: she has earned a bachelor’s degree in Mandarin Chinese, a Master’s in Education, a diploma in Editing, an ESL teaching certificate, Personal Training certification and so on.
But after all that Julia feels she has finally found her place: working as a library technician in beautiful Campbell River. She is passionate about making the library a welcome space for all and helping in the hunt for the right information for you and your projects. You might see her after work on the local mountain x-country skiing, paddle boarding at Saratoga Beach, or mountain biking in Snowden. Otherwise, she will be at home tackling one of the big piles of books she’s collected to read (PS: she has read a lot of fiction and would happily give recommendations).
Favourite books include A Prayer for Owen Meany, Ahab’s Wife, The Sparrow, Keeper’n me, The Hobbit, Wuthering Heights and Karl Ove’s autobiographical novel series, My Struggle.