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  • Consider using a combination of 2 or more search terms. 
  • Using a * will broaden your search. For example, searching for epidemic* will return results for epidemic and epidemics.
  • To see what the library has available in full-text, select undefined underneath the search bar or to the left of your search results, depending on which database you are searching in.
  • When you surround your search terms with "quotation marks", you are telling the database that the words must appear as an exact phrase
  • Consider using Boolean Search Terms AND, OR and NOT to combine search terms in order to broaden or limit search results. For example:








Search Terms

Clinical sociology


Crime -- sociological aspects

Educational sociology

Emotions -- sociological aspects

Ethnic relations

Exchange theory (sociology)

Forensic sociology

Friendship -- sociological aspects

Industrial sociology

Knowledge, sociology of

Mass society

Political sociology


Power (social sciences)

Religion and Sociology

Schools of sociology

Science -- Social aspects

Social systems


Sociology, Rural

Sociology of 

Sociology of disability

War and society