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Accessing Resources Off-campus: Accessing Resources Off-Campus

Access Library Resources Off-Campus

There are two authentication methods to access electronic library resources off-campus.

1. When you access a PDF file or another subscription resource (streaming video or eBook), a pop-up will appear.

Use your NIC email and password to log in.



2. When you run a search using the main search box on the library homepage, you will see a yellow banner. Click "Login for full access".

The same authentication as the previous screenshot will appear. Use your NIC email and password to log in.


Once you have logged into the off-campus server, you can run searches and open PDF files without having to log in continuously.


Tips For Accessing Library Resources Off-Campus

  • When you are navigating the databases, use the word prompts listed at the top of the page, such as "Results Page" or "Go Back",  instead of using the browser's forward and back arrows. Using the arrows will sometimes log you out.




  • Ensure that you are using the most current version of your browser
  • Ensure you have enabled cookies on your browser
  • Sometimes access problems are solved by giving the site a moment to load or by refreshing the page



Contact the Library & Learning Commons 

Login credentials are not working? Contact Student Technical Services

Links not working (can't access databases or open PDF)