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Storage Guide: Best Practices

Best Practices When Creating a LibGuide

  • Do not use a font size smaller than 14
  • Avoid paragraphs:
    • 1-2 short sentences 
    • Bulleted lists
  • Use consistent box sizes; for example, one side of the page should not be dramatically longer than the other
  • Consider the end user:
    • Be concise
    • Avoid jargon
    • Use friendly URLs
    • Use tabbed boxes/galleries when possible to avoid excess scrolling
  • Including an image:
  • Adding lists of links:
    • Use the 'Link' option from the 'Add / Reorder' drop down list rather than in a Rich Text/HTML box 
      • Links in Rich Text/HTML boxes are not tracked in the Link Checker
  • Check mobile functionality:
    • Scrolling
    • Image flow

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