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Math Support Faculty

Brad Jones was born and raised on Vancouver Island and has an extensive academic rap sheet covering diverse subject areas as mathematics, journalism, family studies and non-profit management in addition to a long list of education credentials. When not on a life-long journey of learning, Brad enjoys exploring and finding simple things in the real world and not having to stare at a screen.

In his spare time, most of his inside activities are around the game of baseball. While he believes that the game should be played on grass without a designated hitter or 13-player pitching staffs, Brad finds his boyhood connection to the game through being a member of SABR (Society of American Baseball Research), collecting Baseball cards, playing Strat-O-Matic baseball and umpiring.

Outside of working at NIC, umpiring consumes most of Brad’s free time, especially during the Spring and Summer months. In addition to officiating 70-80 games in a non-Covid year, Brad is the umpire-in-chief for Oceanside Minor Baseball (District 69), Baseball Canada course conductor and Area 2 representative (North Island) for the British Columbia Baseball Umpires Association. Also, Brad is a member of the BCBUA’s education committee and has created manuals and videos to promote umpire development in the Province.

As special note, Brad gets grumpy when you call him Mr. Jones (that’s my dad), Bradley (only my gramma earned the right to call me that) or Sir (the Queen has not knighted me). As you guessed, he enjoys just being Brad.

"Cenedl heb iaith, cenedl heb galon"

A nation without a language is a nation without a heart