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Living Library

The PURPOSE of the Human Library is to open dialogue to promote a better understanding of different experiences and ways of thinking, especially around diversity and the challenges faced by people in our college community.


Living Books are real people representing the title of their Book. They are not actors or playing a role. 

Living Books are members of your community who are open and willing to talk about their experiences.

Living Books helped choose their titles and descriptions and openly invite you to listen to them and learn more – you can come to challenge yourself, or you can come as an informed reader wanting to know more. You can ask “What is it like to be you?”


  • Your discussion time with the book will be 30 minutes.

  • Ask! You can ask the Book about things that you have always wanted to know about the Book and their experience.

  • Respect your Book, even if you do not share their opinions, beliefs or view of life. The Human Library is based on mutual respect.

Everyone is valuable and interesting just as they are. So are you! Express your opinion confidently and approach your Book with an open mind. Here are a few tips for a Reader at the Human Living Library.


The catalogue shows all the Books on offer and a short summary of what they will be discussing. 


The booking system will open on January 31st. You can visit the Catalogue to read a short summary of each of the Books and then book your discussion time. 

Questions? Contact Jennifer Evans, Collections, Instruction, Reference Librarian at

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