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Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE)

Streaming Video Databases

To find Videatives content, click the 'Films on Demand - Early Childhood Education Content' link above and choose 'More Filters'. Select 'Videatives' from the drop down list of 'All Producers'. Click 'Done'. 


TED Talks Links

TED Talks: Ayah Bdeir, Building blocks that blink, beep and teach

TED Talks: Laura Schulz, The surprisingly logical minds of babies



The First Year

Every year the United States hires 250,000 new teachers. On September 7, five teachers will begin their new journey. These five young teachers fight the real fight: educating our children, one child at a time. Shows the human side of the story, revealing all the determination and commitment it takes to survive in America's toughest school systems.

Focused Observations

Give teachers the tools to watch, listen, and learn! Focused Observations provides a comprehensive introduction to observation in the early childhood classroom. Six chapters detail classroom-tested observation techniques that allow teachers to understand children's behavior, assess children's development, and develop curriculum that addresses children's capabilities and passions. ...

Imagine a School...Summerhill

Documentary about an alternative education school and its fight to stay open when threatened with closure by the British Government's Office for Standards in Education.

Integrating Music & Movement with Literacy

Provides the methodology to help preschool through first grade students develop literacy skills by using music and movement as a vehicle of instruction.

The new science of learning [videorecording]: brain fitness for kids

Examines recent developments in neuroscience showing the plastic structure of a child's brain, and the potential to affect how children exercise and use their brains early in life, to become more fit and ready for lifelong learning.