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Harmful Language Statement

Harmful Language Statement

Academic Libraries contain materials that reflect the socio-cultural norms and prejudices at the time of creation. Material may contain language that is considered offensive, racist and potentially harmful by today’s understanding. Academic libraries retain material and descriptions of material that preserve the historical and academic record and reflect how, through research, humanity’s norms and prejudices evolve over time. NIC Library acknowledges that our students and employees may encounter, and struggle with, offensive and discriminatory language and representations that do not reflect our heartfelt commitment to reconciliation, diversity, inclusion, and safety within our library.

NIC Library is committed to an ongoing process of adding updated subject -based terminology and descriptive practices to provide respectful and equitable access to collections.  NIC Library is working towards goals and milestones set forth in NIC’s Strategic Plan and Indigenization Plan to provide culturally safe and culturally responsive spaces.

If you have questions or concerns, we welcome your feedback. Please email us at