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APA Style Guide: 7th Edition

Formatting: Appendices

An appendix consists of supplemental material that would be distracting or inappropriate in the text of the paper. Only include an appendix if it helps the reader understand, evaluate, or replicate the study or argument.

Some examples of items typically included in appendices are:

  • Text, tables, figures or a combination of these
  • Lists of stimulus materials
  • Instructions to participants
  • Tests, scales, or inventories developed for a study
  • Descriptions of complex equipment
  • Detailed or complex descriptions of items used to conduct a study
  • Appendices should be positioned at the end of the paper, after the references list
  • Each appendix should begin on a separate page 
  • Each appendix should have a label AND a title
  • If a paper has one appendix, label it Appendix
  • If a paper has more than one appendix (or appendices), label them in order using the letters of the alphabet: Appendix A, Appendix B, Appendix C, etc.
  • The appendix title should describe the contents of the appendix
  • Refer to the appendix using its label at least once within the paper
  • Format the contents of the appendices as per APA formatting guidelines