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Indigenous & First Nations Studies

Search Tips

Here are some search strategy tips to help you find relevant, focused research on your chosen topic.  For best results, start with a broad search and narrow it down by using the tips listed below.

Search Tips:

  • Enclose 2 or more words in "double quotation marks" to find the exact phrase.
  • Use OR to find synonyms (more results)|:  "Indigenous Peoples" OR "Native Peoples" OR "First Nations"
  • When combining 2 or more concepts, include each concept in (round brackets also known as parentheses) and then
  • Use AND to focus and reduce the number of your results:  ("Indigenous Peoples" OR "Native Peoples" OR "First Nations") AND "British Columbia"
  • Use the asterisk (*) to find all endings of a word (for example, Canad* will find Canada or Canadian or Canadians).
  • Use the database "limiters" such as Publication Date and Peer-Reviewed to further narrow your results to current, trustworthy sources.

For more in-depth help on where to search, how to develop search strategies, and how to evaluate sources, check out the Library Research Tutorial