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Meditation Audio Files

Calming Your Body

Body Scan (20 min)

Awake & Alive (19 min)

Relaxed & Awake (17 min)

Short Meditation

Sitting Meditation (5 min)

Gathering & Arriving in Presence (3 min)

Visualization Exercises

Anchor in a Stormy Sea (6 min)

Mountain Meditation (11 min)

Deep Breathing

5 Breath Practice (18 min)

Finding the Breath (16 min)

Coming Home with Breath (20 min)

 Mindfulness Exercises

Loving Kindness (20 min)

Walking Meditation (10 min)

Cultivating Kind Attention (19 min)

Music for Meditation

GreenRed Productions Relaxing Music  

Meditation Music on Soundcloud

Online Meditation Resources

‚ÄčMindfulness Health

Mindfulness Health is psychologist Renee Burgard's website. Her mission is to provide warmth, compassion, and exceptional psychotherapeutic, mind-body, and educational services leading to relief from symptoms and suffering related to chronic conditions of any kind. You can download audio files that relate to body scanning, breathing practices, and meditation.

The Mindfulness Solution 

The Mindfulness Solution is the website of Ronald Siegel, a therapist and mindfulness expert. Meditations recommended for students include Breath Practice; Loving-Kindess Meditation and Thought Labelling.

Sitting Together 

The meditations from Susan Pollak, Thomas Pedulla, and Ronald Siegel are also accompanied by handouts of the instructions to follow along.

Tara Brach 

Tara Brach's website offers 100+ free meditations as well as useful information directed at people new to meditation.

Mindful Leader 

Free Online (Zoom) Group Meditation, on the hour, 24 hours/day, 5 days/week. Supported by 100+ volunteers worldwide.


A free series of live-stream meditations to help ease anxiety amid our social-distancing efforts.


This site features 20 guided meditation albums and almost 100 individual tracks that will help you with so many aspects of your life, such as improving focus, developing mindfulness, sleeping better, enhancing performance, healing yourself, relaxing deeper and letting go of anxiety, as well as meditations for kids!