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Fine Arts: Databases & Search Terms

Consider the subject headings listed below when searching for resources on your topic. 


  • You can search any of these terms individually by subject, or combine them into a single search using AND / OR.
  • Using a  *  will broaden your search. For Example, searching for art* will return results for art, arts, artists 
Art History and Criticism Art Techniques Pottery & Ceramics Fine Arts as a Business
art and society painting ceramics art vocational guidance
art, prehistoric painting technique ceramic sculpture commercial art graphic arts
cave paintings acrylic painting sculpture technique graphic arts vocational guidance
art, medieval portrait painting pottery
art, renaissance figure painting pottery technique
art, modern 20th century landscape painting pottery design
art, canadian drawing technique pottery craft
sculpture, modern art printmaking pottery craft marketing
modernism (art) prints technique glazes
symbolism (art movement) intaglio printing electric kilns
digital media computer graphics raku pottery
installations (art) digital video editing
artists interviews
artists, british columbia
native artists  

Click HERE for a tutorial on searching the NIC Library Catalogue

How to: Advanced Searching in the Databases