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Library Research Tutorial

Academic Writing

Academic Writing is the style of writing most NIC classes will demand. It focuses on finding and presenting research to support your point of view and explaining differing points of view. The main sources for your research will be: class readings, library resources (articles, case studies, books, etc.), and your personal experiences.

For a comprehensive overview of writing in the academic environment, see NIC's Writing Support - Resources page.

Types of Academic Writing Assignments:

Annotated Bibliography: An annotated bibliography is a list of articles, books, etc., that you plan to use in your research paper. In the list, you briefly summarize and analyze each item. An annotated bibliography is a useful “bridge” between the research and the writing stages of an academic paper.

Research Paper: In a research paper, you use ideas and facts from articles, books, etc., as well as your own ideas, to coherently argue your point of view on your research.

Essay: Essays tend to be shorter writing projects. They may or may not require you to do research.

Article or Book Review: In a review of an article or book, you summarize and analyze the central ideas of the article or book.

Reaction Paper: In a reaction paper, you give your thoughts on a particular issue or idea.

For explanations and examples of different forms of academic writing, we encourage you to review the resources compiled by Academic Writing Support.