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Tourism & Hospitality

The purpose of this guide is to help students start their research in the topics of tourism and hospitality.

Using Journal and Periodical Resources

Journals and periodicals offer information on specific topics.They cover topics through various perspectives, including scholarly, professional, trade and commercial.


You can search them specifically for topics or you can go through them issue by issue, if you are looking for inspiration.

Journals & Periodicals


General International Culture & Recreation

Tourism and Hospitality

FIU Hospitality Review

Boston Hospitality Review

Leisure and Hospitality Business

Cornell Hospitality Quarterly

Journal of Hospitality, Leisure, Sport & Tourism Education

Journal of Unconventional Parks, Tourism and Recreation Research

Express Hospitality   (India)

Hospitality Ireland

Hospitality (11724285)  (New Zealand)

Hospitality (Australia)

International Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Systems

African Journal of Hospitality, Tourism and Leisure

Hospitality Matters (UK)

Asia-Pacific Journal of Innovation in Hospitality Tourism

Outdoor Canada


Hospitality & Society

Tourism and Recreation

GSI Journals Serie A: Advancements in Tourism, Recreation and Sports Sciences

Tourist Attractions and Parks

Outdoor Life

National Parks

Annals of Leisure Research

Journal of Environmental and Tourism Analyses

Marketing and Finance

Gastronomy Technology & Design Research

Lodging Hospitality

Tourism & Hospitality Management

Journal of Hospitality Marketing & Management

Journal of Hospitality Management and Tourism

Journal of Hospitality Financial Management

Journal of Hospitality & Leisure Marketing



Foodservice and Hospitality

Restaurant Hospitality

Journal of Gastronomy, Hospitality and Travel

Hospitality Upgrade

Hospitality Technology

Hospitality Construction

Hospitality Design













Tourism and Hospitality Research

Advances in Hospitality and Tourism Research

KIMI Hospitality Research Journal

HVS Global Hospitality Report


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