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Chicago Style Guide: 17th Edition

Streaming Video (e.g., Youtube) (Sec. 14.267)

  Full Note: 

1. First Name Surname of presenter/author, "Title of Work in Quotations,"
Date filmed or date posted, Sponsoring Body, length of video, URL.
1. Naomi Klein, "Addicted to Risk," December 2010, TED video, 19:49, 
Subsequent Note: 
2. Author Surname, "Title of Work."
2. Klein, "Addicted to Risk."
Presenter/Author Surname, First Name.  "Title of Work in Qotations." Date filmed/posted. 
Sponsoring Body, length of video.  URL.
Klein, Naomi. "Addicted to Risk." December 2010. TED video, 19:49.