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In-person Borrowing from Another Library

Borrow in-person from another institution

The NIC Library participates in the CPSLD reciprocal borrowing agreement which states that "Current students & employees of one publicly funded B.C. post-secondary institution are granted on-site borrowing privileges at another B.C. post-secondary institution library, free of charge, & that permission is reciprocated."

The following procedure is in place: "Students & employees must present valid identification from their institution when borrowing materials from another institution library. Reciprocal borrowers are registered at the lending library according to the lending library's practice (i.e., expiry date established by lending library).

Loan policies, including types of items loaned, number of items, and length of borrowing period of the lending library are followed. Materials must be returned to the lending library and will not be cleared from the borrower's record until they reach the lending library. Any costs (for overdue fines, damaged or lost materials) are paid by the borrower to the lending library."

Because NIC student and employee cards do not have an expiry date, you may be asked to provide a registration receipt or login to NIC Blackboard or library databases as proof of affiliation. Alternatively, you may acquire a CPSLD (Council of Post-Secondary Library Directors) Reciprocal Loan Program card from the NIC Library.