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Student Technical Services

Answers to Students' Computer Questions at NIC

Get to Know Technology at North Island College

Are you new here? Go to myNIC Orientation
Get the NIC App - go to Mobile Apps & NIC
Student Printing Updates: Please go to Printing/Internet for more info


Get Familiar With myNIC

This website has been built with you in mind, it houses most of the answers to your computer related questions. Still need help? Contact Us

Check out our myNIC Orientation Video!

Upon registering with NIC you received an email with your ID and Password
***Didn't get an email? Check with Student Services: 1-800-715-0914***


First steps to take at NIC:

1. Is this your first Semester at NIC? Make sure you log in to myNIC before classes start so you can get a head start and be ready for day one.

2. Get to know Blackboard Learn (if your classes use it), every student is automatically enrolled in a "Learn Student Training" course to help you learn what Blackboard can do.

3. Install your free copy of Office 365, works on Mac and PC.

4. Come out to Orientation and learn about your NIC campus.

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