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Student Technical Services

Answers to Students' Computer Questions at NIC

NIC Student WI-FI


Open to all Students. simply open your Wi-Fi settings on your laptop or other mobile device and select "NIC-WIFI". You will be prompted for credentials to authenticate your connection. The Username and Password will be the same as your myNIC account (eg. n9999999 or your NIC Email address eg. If you save this connection, you will only need to do this process once.
Laptops -

Smart Phones:
Apple - enter your myNIC credentials and select "Join", when prompted select "Trust"

Android - Enter the settings as shown.
If you do not see "Use system certificates", please select "do not validate" or "(unspecified)"


I Can't Get On the Wi-Fi:

  • Ask other students around you if they are having trouble connecting as well - this might indicate a network problem which we will need to fix, feel free to let us know. 
  • Try turning your Wi-Fi off and on again.
  • Try "forgetting" the network from your device, this will force it to go through the initial connection process again. You can do this in your device's advanced wireless settings.
  • Ensure the settings are configured for your specific device correctly as pictured above.
  • Still having trouble? Contact us


NIC is offering access to eduroam. Eduroam allows students, researchers, and staff from participating institutions to obtain Internet connectivity across campus and when visiting other participating institutions – connect once and connect everywhere eduroam is available. There are over 30 participating institutions in BC!

For more information please visit:

To connect:

  • Select “Eduroam” from your available wifi networks
  • Enter your “” email address and myNIC password
  • If prompted, select “Trust the connection” and/or “remember credentials”

Please note: if your password changes, you will need to update it in your device’s wifi settings

To have the eduroam certificate installed on to your device,
please visit and follow the process: *

*Please note: Android users need to install the eduroam app first

Student Printing Account

Did you know your NIC Student Printing account and password is the same as your myNIC account?
When you sign in with your Student Printing Account (eg. n9999999 or your NIC Email address) you can:

  • Deposit funds to your account using a credit card or an Interac debit card

  • View your account balance and print history

  • Print from your wireless device

  • Redeem print vouchers

GO to the NIC Student Printing Account and log on to get started!

**Purchases of Printing Credits and Print Vouchers are non-refundable.**

Adding Funds to Your Account

NICPrint Credits can be purchased online with a credit card or Interac Online. 

  1. Go to and log in with your myNIC ID and password.

  2. Select "Add Credit" 

  3. Select the amount you wish to deposit and click ‘Add value’.

  4. Choose a payment method: Credit card or Interac Online

  5. If you chose Credit Card, fill in the form and click 'Process Transaction'. If you chose Interac Online, click 'Proceed to online banking' and you will be taken to your bank’s online portal. Please note that at present, you can only pay if you have a debit card at one of the following institutions: BMO, RBC Royal Bank, Scotiabank or TD Canada Trust.

NICPrint Credits:
You can purchase NICPrint credit using Cash from the Library staff. They will add the credit to your Student Print Account. You can then verify your account balance by signing in to your NIC Student Printing Account. 


The Multi Function Printers in all of NIC Libraries are able to Scan to Email for free. In order to Scan to Email, please follow these steps:

  • At the printer, on the screen, Sign in using your myNIC credentials
    • Enter your username (eg. n9999999 or NIC Email address) and tap 
    • Enter your myNIC password and tap 
  • Tap 
  • Tap 
  • Tap 
  • Lift cover and place document face down, toward the arrow in the top left corner
  • Tap 
  • Repeat the previous step for multiple pages as needed
  • When all pages are scanned, Tap  and then tap 
  • Or, place documents into feeder face up and tap     

Don't forget to log out and take your originals!



The Multi Function Printers in all of the NIC Libraries are able to Photocopy. Photocopy costs are the same as print costs. To photocopy, please follow these steps:

  • At the printer, on the screen, sign in using your myNIC credentials
    • Enter your username (eg. n9999999 or NIC Email address) and tap 
    • Enter your myNIC password and tap 
  • Tap 
  • Tap 
  • Tap  or 
  • Lift cover and place document face down, toward the arrow in the top left corner
  • Tap 
  • Repeat the previous step for multiple pages as needed
  • Or, place documents into feeder face up and tap     

Don't forget to log out and take your originals!


Printing Wirelessly From Your Device
Web printing will send your document to the printer "as is" - please have it formatted the way you need it before sending it to the printer. Please note there is no double sided printing or colour printing available through the web print portal.

Library personnel will not assume responsibility for unclaimed print jobs in the library.

Please ensure you have sufficient funds to print your document
Log in using your myNIC 
username and password (eg. n9999999 or your NIC Email address)

Sign In to your Student Printing Account and follow these steps:

1. Select "Web Print" from the side menu, then select "Submit a Job"

2. Select the Printer in the Library nearest you, and then choose how many copies

3. Upload your file:

4. Select "Upload and complete"

5. Your Print Job will now be in the Queue - Go to "Jobs Pending Release" to finish printing.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What alternatives do I have to printing?

Responsible printing means printing only what you need.

  • Do you need a hard copy or will an electronic copy suffice? Consider e-mailing yourself documents of interest, or save them to a USB memory stick. (Don’t forget to take your memory stick when you have finished working on a computer.)
  • Proofread your work on-screen, as opposed to printing draft copies for that purpose.
  • Select only the pages you wish to print, instead of printing the whole document.

How much does it cost to print?

Each printed page costs 10 cents. If both sides of the page are printed on, as with a duplex job, it is counted as two printed pages. Pages with colour (available in the campus libraries – except for Mount Waddington) cost 20 cents per page.


Why does it charge an extra page when I print from an Internet Browser?

In some instances, your web browser may add an extra page when printing, which is counted by the pay-for-printing system. Specifically, this occurs if the actual content requires an odd number of pages and the printer is set to two-sided printing (the default).

Several options are available to avoid being charged for additional pages when printing from Internet Explorer:

  1. Change the printer properties from duplex (two-sided) printing to single-sided before submitting your print job.
  2. Send your print job to the Microsoft XPS Document Writer, which creates an XPS document. Double-click on the XPS file to open it, and print it as you would any other document.
  3. Select only the pages that you really need. The last page may not have any desirable content.
  4. Cut only the content you need, paste it into Microsoft Word, and print from there.

The Student Printing portal will not let me create an account, what options do I have?

If you are not an NIC student, you will not be able to use the Student Printing service.