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Answers to Students' Computer Questions at NIC

Microsoft Office 365 - Free!
As long as you’re a student at NIC and this program continues, you’ll be able to use Office software for free installed on up to 5 compatible Devices - Windows/Mac/Mobile, Doesn't matter! This installation includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, and more! 

For Smart Phones/Tablets (Android/iOS) please download the Apps individually from your device's App Store. After downloaded and installed you will be prompted to sign in using your email account. Please visit our Mobile Apps section for more information.

Go to and sign in using your Student email and myNIC password, once you're signed in you can click the install button in the corner. Don't know your email? sign in to myNIC and check your email inbox.
IMPORTANT: check the minimum system requirements to ensure your device makes the grade.

To Download and Install Office 365 follow these steps:
1 - Go to 

2 - Click on "Sign In"

3 - Enter your student email address and your myNIC password.

4 - Once logged in, you can download and install office on up to of your personal devices!

The download and installation process can take 15-30 minutes depending on your internet connection.

If you have any troubles following this procedure, please contact us!

Want more detailed information regarding this process?

Please visit the Office 365 installation support page

Want to know more about versions of Office and subscription choices?

Check out Microsoft's Website.

Want to know more about what's included? 

Go here for more information

Microsoft Office How-To

For all of your Microsoft Office questions, please visit

Microsoft Office Video Tutorials

Follow any of the links below to find videos and information regarding three of the main Office programs:

Word Training

PowerPoint Training

Excel Training

Outlook for iOS and Android Devices

*** For information on how to setup Outlook on your mobile device, go to the "Mobile Apps & NIC" tab on the left, or go here***

Important: If you’re on a mobile device, for the best experience we recommend that you install the latest Microsoft app for your device: Outlook for iOS or Outlook for Android.

If you have an Office 365 for business or education account, or if your organization uses Exchange 2013, you can use OWA for iPhone and OWA for iPad to access your email, calendar, and contacts. The app looks and feels like signing into your account using Safari, without having to enter your user name and password each time. The app adds features that you won’t see when signing in through Safari, such as contact sync, reminders, and new message notification.

When you first launch the app, you’ll be asked to enter your Office 365 name and password, which are then stored on your device.

Why use Outlook for Mobile?      Screen icon for Outlook Web App for iPhone or iPad

Tired of signing on to myNIC to check your email? Outlook for mobile supports offline access to your email, calendar, and contacts. The most recent items are downloaded to your device every time you use the app while online. While offline, you can read and respond to downloaded messages and meeting requests. You can also create new messages, calendar items, and contacts. When you first install the app, you will see Setting up this app to work offline. This may take a few minutes at the bottom of the screen. Next you will see This app is ready to use offline. From then on, every time you use the app while you’re online, it will update the offline information.

Outlook for mobile also offers notifications which can be set according to your needs.

iPhone lock screen showing OWA for iPhone meeting alert

You can learn about setting other options at this link: Outlook Web App options on a mobile device.

What if I want to know more?

  • Offline synchronization copies message information from the previous three days, plus one month of past and up to six months of future calendar information. If you have more than 750 future calendar items in six months, only three months will be synchronized.

  • In addition to your Inbox, Drafts, Contacts, and Calendar, five other message folders that you’ve used recently will be synchronized for offline access. Which folders are synced will change depending on how often you access them. As an alternative, you can select up to five message folders to sync. Each folder that you choose will take the place of one of the five that would have been automatically synced.

  • If you’ve synchronized your contacts with your device and have your device configured to synchronize with iCloud, your contacts will also be synchronized with iCloud.

  • If you stop Contact sync while your device is configured to synchronize with iCloud, the contacts synchronized through Contact sync will be removed from your device and from iCloud.

  • If you stop iCloud synchronization but continue Contact sync, you’ll be given a choice to keep the contacts synchronized through Contact sync in iCloud, or remove them. If you keep them in iCloud, and later stop Contact sync, the contacts will remain in iCloud.

  • You can’t sign out from OWA for iPhone or OWA for iPad. To remove your sign in information and any downloaded content, remove the app from your device.

  • For information about how to connect to your account using the email, calendar, and contacts apps that come preinstalled on your devices, see Set up email on Apple iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

  • To learn more about the app, see the blog post that introduces and describes OWA for iPhone and OWA for iPad.

  • If you have an Office 365 account see Office 365 mobile setup - Help for information about how to use Office 365 on your phone or tablet.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What devices can use Office 365?
Office runs on PCs, Macs, and even mobile devices! For more info about compatibility please visit

2. What happens when I graduate? 
When you graduate, your Office 365 subscription through your institution ends upon graduation. You may enroll into other consumer or commercial offers available. If you have Office 365 Education at your school, you should make sure to transfer all your files from your school OneDrive to your personal OneDrive prior to graduation. 

3. What is included in Office 365?
Office 365 ProPlus comes with a full version of Office and familiar Office applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote and more. Office 365 ProPlus is a user-based service and allows each student to install on up to five PCs or Macs, and five tablets (iPad) and access Office mobile applications on iPhone and Android phones. (Office Mobile applications are included with all Windows phones). More information here.

4. Can students install Office for iPad through this Office 365 benefit? 
Yes, this would count towards the limit of installing it on 5 tablets. Just install the applications from your device's app store and sign in with your school ID.

5. Does this replace the Office 365 University product or Office Home & Student? 
No, Office 365 University will continue to be sold to enable students at colleges and universities that do not take advantage of, or qualify for, this free benefit and likewise for the Office 365 Home Premium offer. 

6. If I recently purchased Office and am now also be eligible for free Office 365 though my school, will I receive any credit and/or compensation?
Unfortunately, No. However, the product you purchased is a consumer offering and will be available regardless of your student status.  

7. If I have already installed Office on my computer, what will happen if I attempt to install Office 365? 
Office 365 will potentially uninstall your older version of Microsoft Office. Please keep any license keys of your older versions if you wish to install them again after you are no longer a student. If you require assistance uninstalling or installing Office 365, please contact us. 

8. I need help installing, where do I go?
If you are having issues installing Office, visit Install Office on your PC or Mac with Office 365 for business for installation instructions.