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Student Technical Services

Answers to Students' Computer Questions at NIC

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Which Video Conferencing software do you use?
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myNIC Login Info

Your myNIC User ID


Your myNIC user ID will be your Email address if you're an academic student (Eg. or, UserID in the form of an Email address if you're a Continuing Education or Elder College student that doesn't have a mailbox (Eg. 

Your initial password was given to you by email after you registered at NIC. If you forgot or never received it, and have never enrolled in Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR), you will need to contact us.

Students who enrolled in SSPR can go to to reset their passwords.


SSPR – Self Service Password Reset NIC

Before you can use SSPR you will have to setup/confirm your authentication methods. The first/next time you login to Office365, Adobe, Brightspace etc. you will be guided to setup your SSPR options with a “More information required” box followed by the setup procedure and options.

You can go to  to setup and manage SSPR or

Go to and select Sign In


Enter your NIC Email address and select “Next” (Eg. Then your current NIC password.

If you don’t have an NIC Mailbox you can enter your (Eg.


You will then be presented with the “More information required” box. Click Next and you will be guided through the SSPR setup procedure and options.


Once redirected to the setup options, you will be required to setup at least one of the three options available. It’s recommended at a minimum to use the Authentication Email and Security Questions. Setting up more than one option is the most secure method.


Once completed you will be redirected back to the regular logon. You will now have the ability to reset/change your password and unlock your account when necessary.


Resetting your password and unlocking your account

To reset your password or unlock your account you can go here


Enter your NIC email address (Eg. If you don’t have a NIC Mailbox you can enter your (Eg.


Follow the prompts to reset your password or recover/unlock your account.



Managing your password and security options

After setting up SSPR you can manage your security options or change your password at any time. To do this you can sign into your My Account here or your Office365 here

Once signed in you can click your Avatar in the top right corner and click “View Account”


From there you can click on “Security info” or “Password” to manage your security info or change your password respectively.



Your myNIC Password is Your Key to NIC

All your services at NIC use the same password (myNIC, Brightspace, Office 365, etc.), so if you can’t get into one, you probably can’t get in to any.

Where is my Student Email?

You can access your NIC Email by signing into myNIC and clicking the link in the NIC Webmail box.

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Sign in using your NIC Email address as the username, and your current NIC Password. (Ex.

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If you don’t know your NIC Email address, you can find it by clicking your User Profile under the Students section of the Self-Service Menu on your myNIC page.

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You can also access your NIC Email by signing into your webmail at using the same information as above.

Getting Locked Out?


1. Clear your internet history

2. Erase all saved passwords from your Internet Browser (forms, iCloud KeyChain, etc.)

3. Try using a "Private Browsing" tab in your internet browser (incognito mode, etc.)

4. Try using a different Browser (Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc.)

5. Unlock your account here 



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