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Student Technical Services

Answers to Students' Computer Questions at NIC

myNIC Login Info

Your myNIC User ID

Your myNIC user ID has a lowercase letter 'n' followed by your full student number.
For example, if your student number is 0999999, your myNIC user ID will be n0999999.

Your student number is listed on your Student Card, and also at the top of your registration statement.

All North Island College student numbers are 7 digits in length. Even if your student number has leading zeroes as its left-most digits, these zeroes are included in your username

Your initial password was given to you when you registered at NIC. if you have forgotten this, or have not received it, you will need to reset your password.

Your myNIC Password

**If after 3 attempts you still cannot log in, and have gotten stuck at a white screen, please RESET your password, and then WAIT 15 minutes before trying the new password that is emailed to you***
***After 3 incorrect tries, you will be LOCKED out of your account, please allow 15 minutes for your account to be released. Please visit our Locked Info Page for more help***

Logging in Using Different Browsers

go t  to login
Different browsers behave differently, but each browser should present a "dialog" box in which you can enter your username and password. If you find that you are unable to log in and you are inputting your username and password correctly, we suggest inserting nic\ before your username. This tells the computer that you wish to login to the NIC "domain" (note the Internet Explorer dialog box below states which "domain" you are trying to log in to). So you would have nic\n9999999 in the username box.

Internet ExplorerGoogle ChromeFirefox

Go here to Reset your Password

In order to reset your password, you will need to have an external email address on record at North Island College. An external email address is one that does not end in either '' or ''.

SSPR – Self Service Password Reset NIC

Before you can use SSPR you will have to setup/confirm your authentication methods. The first/next time you login to Office365, Adobe, Brightspace etc. you will be guided to setup your SSPR options with a “More information required” box followed by the setup procedure and options.

You can go to  to setup and manage SSPR or

Go to and select Sign In


Enter your NIC Email address and select “Next” (Eg. Then your current NIC password.

If you don’t have an NIC Mailbox you can enter your (Eg.


You will then be presented with the “More information required” box. Click Next and you will be guided through the SSPR setup procedure and options.


Once redirected to the setup options, you will be required to setup at least one of the three options available. It’s recommended at a minimum to use the Authentication Email and Security Questions. Setting up more than one option is the most secure method.


Once completed you will be redirected back to the regular logon. You will now have the ability to reset/change your password and unlock your account when necessary.


Resetting your password and unlocking your account

To reset your password or unlock your account you can go here


Enter your NIC email address (Eg. If you don’t have an NIC Mailbox you can enter your (Eg.


Follow the prompts to reset your password or recover/unlock your account.



Managing your password and security options

After setting up SSPR you can manage your security options or change your password at any time. To do this you can sign into your My Account here or your Office365 here

Once signed in you can click your Avatar in the top right corner and click “View Account”


From there you can click on “Security info” or “Password” to manage your security info or change your password respectively.



Note: If you have not yet setup Self Service Password Reset(SSPR) you can reset/change your password by following the directions below

Your myNIC Password is Your Key to NIC

All your services at NIC use the same password (myNIC, Brightspace, Office 365, etc.), so if you can’t get into one, you probably can’t get in to any.

***Please note that if you have unsuccessfully logged in to myNIC three times, as a security measure your account will lock for 15 minutes. Please wait 15 minutes, and ensure that you are entering your credentials properly.***

If you have forgotten your password, go Here to Reset Your Password

How do I change my Password?

1. Click or tap this link: Change my password

2. Enter your Student ID:

example: n9999999

3. Enter your current password (old password)

4. Enter a new password 

5. Confirm the new password

6. "Submit"

You're good to go!  

Where is my Student Email?

You can access your NIC Email by signing into myNIC and clicking the link in the NIC Webmail box.

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Sign in using your NIC Email address as the username, and your current NIC Password. (Ex.

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If you don’t know your NIC Email address, you can find it by clicking your User Profile under the Students section of the Self-Service Menu on your myNIC page.

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If you need to reset your password, you can do that here

You can also access your NIC Email by signing into your webmail at using the same information as above.

Getting Locked Out?

myNIC has a built in security feature to prevent your account from being accessed by unauthorized users. Your account will lock after 3 unsuccessful logins. This can happen to you if you have entered your information incorrectly, or have forgotten your password. If you feel you have not entered your credentials incorrectly, here are some things to try if you're still having myNIC issues:

1. Clear your internet history

2. Erase all saved passwords from your Internet Browser (forms, iCloud KeyChain, etc.)

3. Try using a "Private Browsing" tab in your internet browser (incognito mode, etc.)

4. Try using a different Browser (Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc.)

5. Reset your password, wait 15 minutes, make sure your credentials are entered correctly (nic\n9999999)



About myNIC
myNIC is your personalized information portal that gives you access to a variety of services, such as WebAdvisor self-service, student email, personal digital storage and Learning Communities. A calendar helps you organize your time, and Announcements will keep you informed of important information.

Enter your myNIC user ID and temporary password
Your myNIC User ID and temporary password were sent to you. If you can’t find the information that was sent to you, you’ll need to request a temporary password. Access the myNIC  homepage and click on ‘Forgot your password’. A new temporary password will be emailed to you.

myNIC is unavailable from 2 am to 3 am daily.

Access Your Student Record Online
For most programs you can register for classes, view and print class schedules, make payments, check grades and finances, change personal information, and more with myNIC—an online service that allows you to access your student record from the NIC website. 

What's Available:
1. WebAdvisor:
WebAdvisor provides you with self-service functions from registration, to fee payments and tax receipts. You can manage it all online without having to come onto the campus. Click on the Students menu in the Web Advisor part. 
The following are all the self-service functions that are available:

User Account:

  • What’s my User ID?
  • What’s my Password?
  • Change Password
  • Address Change

Financial Information:

  • Account Summary
  • Account Summary by Term
  • My T2202A Information
  • Pay on My Account
  • Make a Deposit
  • Request a Refund
  • Registration Statement


  • Search for Sections
  • Register for Sections
  • Register and Drop Sections
  • Manage My Waitlist
  • Release of Information Proxy

Academic Profile:

  • Grades
  • Grade Point Average by Term
  • Student Gradebook
  • Transcript Request Form
  • Program Evaluation
  • Transcript Request Status
  • My Class Schedule

2. Student Email 
All communications from NIC will be through your student email account and in Announcements on the myNIC homepage. Check your email often.

3. News 
Links to all the NIC news. Keep up with what is happening around campus.

4. Events 
Links to a calendar of events.

5. Deadlines 
Linked directly with the college’s Schedules and Deadlines. View it often to avoid missing any important deadline dates.

6. My Team Sites 
Program areas, interest groups and other community groups may have “Learning Communities”. These Learning Communities are areas where group members can collaborate online (discussions, document sharing etc.).

‚Äč7. myNIC FAQ’s 
Answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. If you’re having difficulty using myNIC, browse through this information and you may find your answer.

8. My Week/My To Do 
The My Week and My To Do web parts summarize information from your student mailbox (personal calendar entries) as well as the meeting times for courses you are enrolled in.

9. Announcements 
By accessing myNIC daily you’ll never miss an important announcement.

10. My Bookmarks 
Provides links to the following resources:

  • Learn
  • Library
  • NIC Employee Directory
  • myNIC Feedback/Support Forum
  • Contact Us

You can also save your own links in this list.

11. My Document Library 
Online personal storage for your files. Your files are available anywhere you have a web browser

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