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Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) 

NIC is deploying Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). MFA is considered a cybersecurity best practice and is widely used in colleges and universities worldwide to protect users and information systems. This extra layer of security will significantly increase the protection of student accounts, personal data and NIC’s information systems.

What is Multi-Factor Authentication?

This is a 2-step process to validate the person accessing NIC resources.  An additional layer of protection that is simple to use combines your NIC username/password with something only you have access to like an SMS text, a phone call to a landline, or the Microsoft Authenticator app which can be downloaded to your mobile device from Google Play or Apple Store. MFA is becoming standard practice for institutions including banks, government, and colleges. If your password is compromised, your account will still be secured as the attacker will not have the additional factor required to log in. 

For detailed instructions please see below.

How will MFA work at NIC?

MFA will only be required when accessing NIC services off-campus.

It registers the device (laptop, cell phone) to prevent unauthorized devices from trying to access our network.

When you log in to your NIC account off-campus, you will receive a notification asking you to confirm your log-in through one of the available methods:

  • The Microsoft Authenticator mobile app (recommended and easiest method)
  • An SMS text message
  • An automated voice call to a phone number of your choosing

NIC strongly recommends using the Microsoft Authenticator App as your chosen MFA method for the following reason:

  • Allows access to NIC resources, even outside of Canada
  • App verification codes can be used even if you do not have internet or data


How to Set up Microsoft Multifactor Authentication

  1. Click this link or copy it to your browser
  1. Enter your NIC student email address as your Microsoft account and click Next.

  1. Enter your student password, then click Sign in

  1. Click Next

  1. This starts the process of configuring MFA.
    Click on Download now to guide you on downloading and installing the app on your mobile device.
    If you have already installed the Microsoft Authenticator app on your mobile device and are using your mobile device to register MFA, click "Pair your account to the app by clicking this link" and skip to Step 10.

    If you have already installed the Microsoft Authenticator app on your mobile device, click Next and skip to Step 6.

  1. Microsoft Security page will pop up. Click Install the App
  1. QR codes for Android and iPhone cell phones will display.  Use your cell phone to scan the appropriate code and get the app.


  1. After the installation, return to the Keep your account secure page and click Next.
  1. Click Next again.
  2. A QR code for MFA setup is prompt. DO NOT CLICK ON ANYTHING yet on this screen.
    Complete steps 8 - 9 
    on your mobile device before you come back and click Next.
    Open the Microsoft Authenticator app on your mobile device.  Accept the privacy, click continue,

and select “Scan QR Code.”

Or open the Microsoft Authenticator app on your mobile device, Tap ‘+,’ choose ‘Work or school account,’ and select ‘Scan QR Code.’


  1. Scan the code on the computer screen. Click ‘Allow’ on your device to allow the app to send you notifications.
  2. Your NIC username should be presented on the app. Make sure to return to your browser and click Next at Keep your account secure. A number should be prompted over there.

  1. Your authenticator app will now pop up a window and ask you to enter the number shown on the browser. Enter the number shown on the text bar, then click Yes.

  1. The Authenticator app is now configured. Click Next.
  2. MFA setup confirms you have successfully set up your info.  Click Done.
  3. Your sign-in method lists under security info.

Add an alternate method

Access your NIC myAccount here 

  1. If you want to add another sign-in method, click ‘+ Add sign-in method.

  2. Click the drop-down menu and select the method you prefer and click Add. For example, phone.
  3. Choose the country code and enter your phone number. Then, select either Text me a code or Call me
    then click Next.

  4. Enter a 6-digit code you receive and click Next. Or, wait for a phone if you choose Call me.
  5. After you pick up the call or enter the code successfully, the alternate sign-in method you added is displayed.


SSPR – Self Service Password Reset NIC

Before you can use SSPR you will have to setup/confirm your authentication methods if this has not been done yet. The first/next time you login to myNIC, Office365, Brightspace etc. you may be guided to setup your SSPR options with a “More information required” box followed by the setup procedure and options.

You can go to  to setup and manage SSPR or

Go to

Enter your NIC Email address and select “Next” (Eg. Then your current NIC password.



You will then be presented with the “More information required” box. Click Next and you will be guided through the SSPR setup procedure and options.



Once redirected to the setup options, you will be required to setup at least one of the three options available. It’s recommended at a minimum to use the Authentication Email and Security Questions. Setting up more than one option is the most secure method.



Once completed you will be redirected back to the regular logon. You will now have the ability to reset/change your password and unlock your account when necessary.


Resetting your password and unlocking your account

To reset your password or unlock your account you can go here



Enter your NIC email address (Eg.



Follow the prompts to reset your password or recover/unlock your account.




Managing your password and security options

After setting up SSPR you can manage your security options or change your password at any time. To do this you can sign into your My Account here or your Office365 here

Once signed in you can click your Avatar in the top right corner and click “View Account”




From there you can click on “Security info” or “Password” to manage your security info or change your password respectively.



Your myNIC Password is Your Key to NIC

All your services at NIC use the same password (myNIC, Brightspace, Office 365, etc.), so if you can’t get into one, you probably can’t get in to any.