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Student Technical Services

Answers to Students' Computer Questions at NIC


You can join your online class's video conference through the Bluejeans app. It can be installed on Mac, PC, Mobile devices (Apple/Android), and Linux. 

Follow these steps, or watch the video below, to get started:

1. Download and install the application here: 

2. Open the app. Always join as a guest - There is no need to create an account. Configure your camera and microphone settings (see screenshot below).

3. Enter the meeting code for your class that was given to you by your instructor. Or open the meeting link provided to you, the app will then open automatically. Once everything is configured, Join the meeting.

4. Visit our BlueJeans "best practice" page for tips to make your meeting successful

For more information, please visit the Bluejeans website, or view the video below: 

Or follow this link to test out your setup: 

You can also do a test call here:

Bluejeans App system requirements:


Welcome to the NIC MediaSpace. It can be found here or from the link in your Blackboard.

MediaSpace/Kaltura is a NIC YouTube like service where you can watch, create and share videos for your courses.

You can login by clicking here and entering your NIC credentials (eg. n9999999 and NIC Password)



Kaltura Capture is a video recording tool you can download and install to make videos of both yourself and your computer screen. You can find it by clicking Add New then click Kaltura Capture and then download and install for Windows or Mac.



After installing, opening the app will bring up the recording software. It looks like this. You can use this software to record your videos.



Once signed in, you can click on your name and My Media to access the videos you have created.



Clicking on your video and then clicking the Actions dropdown menu will allow you to Launch Editor to edit your video and to Publish your video, allowing anyone you send the video link to be able to watch your video.



Clicking the Share button will give you a link you can post or send to anyone you would like to share your video with after publishing it. The Embed option in your Blackboard My Media will allow you to embed the video into your Blackboard course.



After Publishing your video you can Embed your video in your Blackboard Learn class by clicking on the submission box. Click the 3 dots to expand the navigation bar and then click the + to bring up the add content drop-down menu. You can then choose Kaltura Media or Kaltura Media Submission to embed your video in your course. Kaltura Media will place your video in your course, however, if it's deleted from your Media Galley it will also be deleted from the course. Kaltura Media Submission will place a copy of your video into your course that will remain embedded even if the video is deleted from your Media Gallery. Remember to click the Submit button at the bottom when you're finished.



Microsoft Office Collaboration

Through Microsoft Office 365, NIC students can edit documents (word, powerpoint, excel, OneNote, etc.) together at the same time.
Please note: each student must be using Microsoft Office 365 in order to collaborate. 

Please follow these steps or watch the video at the bottom of the page:

1. Save your file to your NIC Student OneDrive account through 

2. Share the document with your peers by clicking "Share"

3. Open the document in the web or in the Office desktop application, and begin!

Please go to our Microsoft Office page for installation instructions.
For more support with Office collaboration check out Microsoft Office Collaboration Support 

Collaboration Video:

Adobe Acrobat DC

Students at North Island College have access to Adobe Acrobat DC. You will sign in to Adobe using your email address and myNIC password.

Go to:

You will then have to sign in to again using your email address and your myNIC password. Once you authenticate, the installation will continue.

If you have any issues in this process, please contact us

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