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Student Technical Services

Answers to Students' Computer Questions at NIC

General Student Use Computers

North Island College offers computers on campus for student use. You will know if a computer is a student use computer by its desktop wallpaper. Please note that computers will reformat upon restart, so make sure to save your data on a USB storage device, the provided "thawspace" drive, or by emailing it to yourself.

Library computers are available for the purpose of supporting educational research and studies. They are equipped with Microsoft Office, and other educational software.

Other computer labs across all campuses can have differing software. This will depend on software licenses available, as well as the needs for specific programs associated with those labs (e.g. Fine Arts).


Looking for a Computer?

*Please make sure your work is saved 10 minutes before closing time to accommodate the Library's closing time*

Campbell River Campus

Room Access Schedule Information
Library All students All Library Hours

Comox Valley Campus

Room     Access Schedule Information
Library All Students All library hours
Tyee 121 All Students Check on Door
Raven 212/213 Fine Arts Check on Door

Port Alberni Campus


Access Schedule Information
Library All students All library hours
Student Lounge All students Available during Campus hours of operation
Aboriginal Lounge All students Available during Campus hours of operation

Mixalakwila Campus

Room Access Schedule Information
Library All students All college hours 


Epson Brightlink Projectors

The Comox Valley campus library has three group study rooms. The large one can accommodate groups of 5 or more and the other two groups of 2-4. The large room and one of the smaller ones have interactive projectors. These rooms can be booked online on our Room Bookings Website, in person at the library, or calling 250-334-5037, and by visiting the Library Website.

The Campbell River campus library has a large group study room with an interactive projector. This room is available for groups of 5 or more and can be pre-booked by stopping at the circulation desk or calling 250-923-9785, and by visiting the Room Bookings website. There are also group study areas in the library.

The Port Alberni campus library has a small study room suitable for 2 and a larger room suitable for 4-6. Both rooms can be pre-booked at the circulation desk or by calling 250-724-8733, and by visiting the Room Bookings website.

For more information on the projectors that North Island College offers, please visit our Introduction to Brightlink research page.

Connect with Other NIC Students

What is a Skype room?

Skype rooms are rooms that allow students to connect with others across all of NIC campuses.

SkypeRoom Instructions

We have setup SkypeRooms at each of the Libraries in the Comox Valley, Campbell River, Port Alberni, and Mixalakwila campuses. If you need help locating your SkypeRoom, please talk to a librarian and they will show you were the SkypeRoom is in your library. SkypeRooms come equipped with new Logitech conferencing equipment including a camera which can zoom and pan as well as a speaker/microphone unit. 

When it is time for the meeting, go to the meeting room and turn the computer on (if needed).  Turn on the TV and if it is not displaying the PC’s output, switch between HDMI inputs on the TV until a desktop is displayed. 

The computer will log itself in to windows and skype.

To start an unscheduled meeting, click on the settings wheel and then select ‘Meet Now’. (see below)

To invite others to the meeting, click on the image of the person with the "+" (see below)

















Select the appropriate Skype rooms you'd like to meet with (your group will have decided this earlier). Then click "OK".

Please note the Names (see right):

NICSkypeRoom_CR = Campbell River

NICSkypeRoom_MW = Mixalakwila

NICSkypeRoom_PA = Port Alberni


The Skype Meeting

Click "OK" when it prompts with "Join Meeting Audio" (see right). When you first start the meeting, by default, your microphone and webcam will be turned off.  Press the buttons at the bottom of your skype window to activate these items as required. (see below)

You can use the monitor icon at the bottom of the meeting window to share different types of documents as well as sharing your screen. 

With the Logitech SkypeRoom equipment, you can pan zoom the camera to focus on different people around the table during your meeting.  You can also adjust the meeting volumes using the remote.  There is a Logitech instruction sheet underneath the main speaker unit of the Logitech equipment.

Microsoft Surfaces

Peer Tutoring Surfaces:
Each Library has Microsoft Surface Pro's to be used for tutoring purposes between campuses, feel free to contact the Peer Tutoring department.

Library Loaner Laptops:

Library laptops are for use on campus. You can check them out at the library desk. Please note a waiver agreement and student card will be needed. Late fees may also apply.

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