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Answers to Students' Computer Questions at NIC

Get to Know Blackboard

Blackboard is connected with your myNIC account, simply login to myNIC and click on any of the links in the Blackboard box.

***If for any reason myNIC is down for maintenance, you can also login directly using***


Once inside Blackboard, under the "My Institution tab" you'll be able to see all your announcements and your current courses:

Under the "Course" tab, a list of all your courses will be available:


Have more Questions? Check out our FAQ page.

Stay On Top of Your Assignments

Notifications can be set up to remind you of assignments, tests, discussion boards, or just to let you know something new has happened in your courses. 

These, along with other settings, can be adjusted in your global navigation menu:



Take Blackboard with you wherever you go
Check your assignment due dates, grades, messages from your instructors, and a whole lot more. Just install the app on your mobile device and login using your account ID and password. For a complete listing of all the features, go Here

Blackboard for Windows phone:

Get it Here

Blackboard for Android:

Get it Here

Blackboard for iOS:

Get it Here

How to access Blackboard:

  1. Through myNIC
  2. Direct URL

** Use this path in the event myNIC isn’t working

I’m enrolled in 5 classes but only 3 appear in Blackboard:

Not all courses are “Active” on blackboard it is up to the individual instructor whether or not they want to use this tool. Ask your instructor if they plan on using Blackboard. If they are let them know the course is not open, they have the ability to open courses themselves and may have just forgotten.

I just registered for a class that is supposed to be on Blackboard and it’s not showing up:

In the beginning of the terms when registration is busy it can sometimes take over a day for a new registration to appear on Blackboard. At least for the first 5 days back please give 24 hours before contacting help about missing courses.

When does Blackboard go down for maintenance:

There are two locations where Alerts are posted for students. Within the myNIC calendar and Blackboard global announcements. Please be aware of these as the platform will not be available during maintenance windows.

Blackboard works at the College but not at home:

There may be a problem with your individual computer which we cannot fix but we can help point you in the right direction. Here are some steps to try:

  • Try asking a classmate if they have the same problem
  • Let your instructor know you are having trouble with Blackboard and something isn’t working. They may be able to help if it’s pertaining to course material and course site setup
  • Try using Blackboard with a different internet browser, (IE, Mozilla and Chrome)
  • Drop in on a workshop if your device is portable bring it with you and we’ll let you know if it’s an easy fix
  • Ask a question! Please give as much information as you can about problem. The clearer you are the faster we can assist you

I Sent an Email using blackboard and haven’t seen a response:

The blackboard messaging service is twofold: course messages, and email.

  • Course Messages are messages sent to peers within the course, this is an internal service and exists only in Blackboard
  • Email is a tool that blackboard uses to take the contacts from your course and enable you to send emails using your myNIC email. All emails sent using this service will use your myNIC email and not exist in blackboard. Please check your myNIC email for responses to your sent email

For More answers to FAQ's, please visit the Blackboard Youtube Page


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