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MLA Style Guide

Book with Editor(s), No Author


When creating a reference or in-text citation, you must list the editors in the order that they appear on the title page. The same rules for recording 1, 2, or 3+  authors apply to editors.

There are different ways to format an in-text citation, depending on your writing style and sentence structure. Formatting examples are outlined below:

Reference Information

Tart, Charles T., editor. Altered States of Consciousness: a Book of Readings. Wiley, 1969.

In-text Citation Guidelines



Include the editor's last name and page number placed in brackets at the end of a sentence.


Consider this a paraphrased sentence (Tart, 319).                        


Include the editor's last name as part of the sentence; include the page number in brackets.


According to Tart, "consider this a direct quote" (319).

Remember, in-text citation formatting may change depending on a number of factors.