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MLA Style Guide

Video from a Website

Refer to the core elements of MLA style as they apply to your resource to create your references:

  1. Author (Director or Creator).
  2. Title of source.
  3. Title of container (Series, Website, etc.),
  4. Other contributors,
  5. Version (App),
  6. Number,
  7. Publisher (Production Company),
  8. Publication date,
  9. Location (URL).

Remember, all nine of the core elements may not apply to the item you are referring to. Only use those elements that apply to the work you are referencing.


Note: Whether the title of the video is in italics or quotations depends on the nature of the work. See below. 

There are different ways to format an in-text citation, depending on your writing style and sentence structure. In-text citations must correspond to the first element of the works cited entry. For videos, this will often be the creator's names, or title video. Include timings as necessary. You may use a shortened version of the title in parenthetical in-text citations. Format the title in in text-citations the same way that it is formatted in your works cited (in quotations or italics).

Reference Information

Harris, Beth and Steven Zucker, creators. Terracotta Krater. Khan Academy.

In-text Citation Guidelines



Include the title and any relevant timings placed in parentheses.


Consider this a sentence about the video (Harris and Zucker 00:00:17-57).   


Include the title of the video the sentence and include any relevant timings in parentheses.


According to the video Harris and Zucker, "consider this a quote from the video" (00:00:17-57).

Remember, in-text citation formatting may change depending on a number of factors.