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MLA Style Guide 9th Edition


Book with Corporate Author


When a corporation is the author of the work, they are often also the publisher. If the author and publisher of the work are the same, skip the author and begin your works cited entry with the title of the work.

If the author and publisher of the work are different, include the name of the corporation/organization responsible for the work as the author, and include the publisher. If the corporation's name begins with "The," skip it and begin with the next word when transcribing a corporate name as the author.

When the author of a work is a division or committee of the organization list the division or committee as the author and list the organization as the publisher.

Corporate author


Title of Work in Italics. Publisher, year.



MLA Handbook. 9th ed., The Modern Language Association of America, 2021.


Name of Organization. Title of Work in Italics. Publisher, year. 



United Nations. Consequences of Rapid Population Growth in Developing Countries. Taylor and Francis, 1991.

Initial articles (a,an,the) should be omitted in the works-cited list entry (eg. "The United Nations" is listed as "United Nations")



Name of Division. Title of Work in Italics. Parent Organization, year.



Association of Specialized and Cooperative Library Agencies. Library Standards for Adult Correctional Institutions. American Library Association, 1992.

There are different ways to format an in-text citation, depending on your writing style and sentence structure, and the source type. For information on shortening the names of organizations for in-text citations see the Group, Organization, or Corporate author(s) tab under In-Text Citations- Number and Type of AuthorsFormatting examples are outlined below:

Author and Publisher are the same

Consider this a paraphrased sentence (MLA 104).   

According to the MLA Handbook, "consider this a direct quote" (104).

Author and Publisher are Different

Consider this a paraphrased sentence (United Nations 36).

According to the United Nations, "consider this a direct quote" (36).  

Author is a division or department of the publishing organization

Consider this a paraphrased sentence (Association 104).   

According to the Association of Specialized and Cooperative Library Agencies, "Consider this a direct quote" (104).

Remember, in-text citation formatting may change depending on a number of factors.