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MLA Style Guide 9th Edition


 Classics & Works Published Before 1900


If you are referring to an original work (not a reprint or new edition) that was published prior to 1900, it is appropriate to give the city of publication in place of the publisher.

Remember the Core Elements of MLA Style and utilize any that apply to your source.


Classical Works


Last, First. Title of Work in Italics. City of Publication, year.



Austen, Jane. Pride and Prejudice. London, 1813.

There are different ways to format an in-text citation, depending on your writing style and sentence structure. Every in-text citation must include the author's last name and page number. Formatting examples are outlined below:

Reference Information

Austen, Jane. Pride and Prejudice. London, 1813.

In-text Citation Guidelines



Include the author's last name and page number placed in brackets at the end of a sentence.


Consider this a paraphrased sentence (Austen 45).   


Include the author's name as part of the sentence; include the page number in brackets. The first time the author is mentioned in text use their full name (excluding middle initials), and use their last name only after that.


According to Jane Austen, "consider this a direct quote" (45). Austen goes on to argue that this is a paraphrased sentence (46).

Remember, in-text citation formatting may change depending on a number of factors.